CNET News.com: Sun, Intel square off over Itanium support

“Sun Microsystems and Intel are in a high-stakes game of
chicken in a debate about which company needs the other more in the
e-commerce world.”

“Two weeks ago, Intel said it was rapidly winding down efforts
to bring Sun’s Solaris operating system to Intel’s upcoming
flagship Itanium chip. Sun, said Intel, wasn’t doing enough to
encourage software companies to rework their programs for the
Solaris on Itanium effort. Intel’s shift, however, hurt companies
such as Fujitsu, who had committed to these types of computers, Sun

“This week, Sun reaffirmed its commitment to bring Solaris to
Itanium and its successors in the 64-bit family, with or without
help from Intel. However, doubts linger on how deep this commitment
will go and what the final result will be.”