CNET News.com: Sun offers olive branch to Java partners

“Once again, Sun Microsystems is trying to strike the right
balance between controlling its Java software and keeping it
popular. And, once again, Sun’s proposal isn’t exactly being
greeted with applause.”

“Sun and representatives from major computing companies met
today to discuss a Sun proposal that gives others more say in
controlling the future of Java, a Sun spokeswoman said. Under the
new proposed process, called JCP 2.0, Sun will relinquish some
control over Java development, including the determination over
when developments can be released to the public, the spokeswoman
said. However, the proposal unveiled by Sun is being met with

“The debate highlights the tension between some of the most
powerful computing companies as they try to steer Java in the
direction each company wants. Companies invited to review the new
proposal were Apple, BEA Systems, Compaq, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Novell,
Oracle, Symantec and Wind River, the Sun spokeswoman said.”

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