CNET News.com: The Future of Linux

[ A major CNET feature on Linux – LT ed. ]
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this link. ]

“Even people who don’t know what a CPU is have heard of Linux by
now. Does that mean that the renegade, Unix-like operating system
is on its way to becoming mainstream? Yes. But not by replacing
Windows on your desktop.”

“Technology journalists and analysts love to hype Linux as a
Windows killer. But it’s highly unlikely that Linux will usurp
Windows’ share of the consumer desktop market. Windows has the
advantage of being preinstalled on most PCs, and that won’t change
anytime soon. However, we think Linux’s advantage lies in
penetrating the growing information appliance market (portable
and/or basic computing and Internet-access devices).”

“Read on to find out what geeks and investors have known all
along: that Linux is the operating system of the future.”

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