CNET News.com: TurboLinux boosts software support

TurboLinux, one of the major sellers of the Linux operating
system, has inked a raft of deals to bolster its new software and
to help its push in the United States.

“In one deal, Linuxcare will provide round-the-clock technical
support for TurboLinux. The deal marks a very different strategy
from that of TurboLinux rival Red Hat, which provides its own
technical support and plans to make that a big part of its revenue
stream. Red Hat, which held a very successful initial public
offering in August, is, so far, the leader of the commercial Linux

“In the clustering deals, GigaNet will help TurboLinux develop a
single interface that can control lots of Linux computers joined
together. Another company, Compaq Computer, will let developers try
out TurboLinux software. Cubix will sell groups of servers with the
clustering software.”

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