CNET News: Dodging Pop-ups with Mozilla

[ Thanks to the_randymon for this link.

“Mozilla 1.0, launched in early June as the first public version
of the Netscape-inspired open-source browser, lets Web surfers
easily zap unsolicited windows known as pop-up ads, which are
widely used by mainstream sites including America Online and its
subsidiary Netscape Communications. Though heralded by Mozilla
users, a group that includes many Web developers, the tool didn’t
make the cut for the preview version of Netscape 7.0 and won’t
appear in its upcoming launch, according to the company.

“That arrangement, analysts say, is blatant self-protection.

“‘Netscape is a commercial offering–it’s not in its interest to
offer a browser that could kill pop-up ads,’ said Michael
Gartenberg, research director with Jupiter Research. ‘That’s the
equivalent of one of the broadcast networks coming out with a
digital video recorder that can skip commercials…'”


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