CNET News: Sun to Fund Open-Source Java Efforts

” Sun on Tuesday announced a $3 million scholarship program to
help software developers build open-source implementations of Java
standards. The money is aimed at helping programmers pay for Sun’s
technical support services as they undergo Sun’s stringent Java
compatibility tests, said Glen Martin, a Sun senior marketing
manager. The program is expected to help fund 30 development
efforts a year for three years, he said.

“The new scholarship stems from a spat Sun had earlier this year
with key a open-source group called the Apache Software Foundation,
which accused Sun of making it difficult for open-source groups to
participate in the Java Community Process by which Sun and others
govern the future of Java. ‘Open source’ means every software
developer can view the source code for software, modify it, and use
it for free.

“Sun, however, has resolved most, if not all, of the open-source
community’s concerns. Under an agreement hashed out in March, Sun
is permitting open-source implementations of Java standards…”


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