CNN: Linux: Image is everything

Thanks to Tom for this

“Image is everything. Or is it? If you’re like me, you probably
don’t buy into that notion. Image is important, yes, but it’s not
everything. In any case, I’m a content kind of guy. Given the fact
that I’m not only color blind, but I often have trouble
distinguishing the forest from the trees, that’s a good thing.”

“But as far as this article is concerned, that old saw is true:
it’s all about image. We’ll take a quick look at two products
nearing completion and a longer look at a popular, mature 3D
modeling and animation application. All of which are available
today, free, for Linux.”

“Graphics applications are as natural to Linux as is water to a
duck. With its raw power, Linux is able to wring the most from
whatever hardware you have, which means Linux just makes good sense
as a graphics platform.”