CNN News Briefs: Linux 2.2 Kernel Updates Rolling In

“Bug fixes and updates are rolling in for version 2.2 of the new
Linux operating system kernel, released only last Tuesday. By the
end of the weekend the version number was up to at least 2.2.2. The
breakneck pace of updates is not unusual for Linux releases.
Version 2.0 had no fewer than 36 re-releases before all the strange
iron, small bugs and assorted fixes had been accounted for. One
Linux enthusiast told Newsbytes the spin-rate of the Linux
“odometer” doesn’t mean the OS is buggy, just that bugs get fixed
fast. Newsbytes notes this also reflects the end of a freeze
normally put on new features when a major Linux upgrade nears
release. Since Linux developers keep working, the final release
usually brings a flood of new ideas that become minor upgrades to
the new kernel.”

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