CNN: Users seek to put OS/2 into their own hands at Warpstock Europe

“There just seems to be no dampening the enthusiasm of OS/2
devotees in Germany, even though IBM no longer supports individual
users of the operating system.

That has not stopped a group of German OS/2 users from next
month holding the first annual European Warpstock, a 4-day event
devoted exclusively to OS/2.”

“A Warpstock event already exists in the U.S., and is to be held
for the third time in Atlanta in late October. Warpstock Europe
differs from the U.S. event, however, because it is being organized
by OS/2 users rather than software vendors, according to its
organizers. To be held Oct 1-4 at the Ruhr University Bochum,
Warpstock is aimed at showing everyday users software alternatives,
according to Detlef Schäbel of TeamOS/2 Deutschland.

‘OS/2 is perfect for those who find Linux too complicated, and
it is more stable than Windows,’ he said.”

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