Code Crusader 1.2.0- The long awaited release is finally here

John Lindal

The long awaited release of Code Crusader 1.2.0 is finally here!
The license has been rewritten to explicitly allow patches to be
distributed, as required by the Open Source model.

The major new features are:

  • Multiple projects can be open simultaneously
  • Unlimited number of user-defined file types
  • Multi-file search and replace
  • Ability to execute arbitrary scripts from within the

Thanks to the following people for porting Code

  FreeBSD        Ivan Pascal
  HP-UX 10.20    Sergio Ricci
  Solaris        Peter Gross at SignalSoft Corp

makemake now recognizes Java files and ignores them since javac
already handles all dependency calculations. (Thanks to Povl H.
Pedersen for giving me the push.)

I have created a separate web page describing various features
(e.g. Java support, version control, automated C++ class
generation, etc.) that have been requested but that I either don’t
have the time or the qualifications to write. If you need one of
these features or are just interested in helping out, please check
this page:


Other cool features added in this release are:

  • Keyword completion includes all C++ class names and
  • Auto-indent and Clean Paragraph Margins are much smarter and
    also configurable
  • Drop directories on the tree window to parse the header files
    that they contain
  • Compile output window catches errors printed by make

The binary and source distributions can be downloaded



For a really cool debugger, check out Code Medic at:



Code Crusader is a free UNIX development environment inspired by
Metrowerks Code Warrior. Currently, it features a text editor, a
C++ class browser, multi-file search and replace, and an interface
to UNIX make and the man pages that cooperate to streamline the
process of developing code.

More information about Code Crusader is available at:


To subscribe to the mailing list, send email to:

[email protected]

and include “subscribe jcc” in the body of the message.


Code Crusader is free.