Community: Linux Professional Institute Invites Community Input

(Toronto, Ontario – August 27, 2005) The Linux Professional
Institute (LPI) (http://www.lpi.org) invites members of the
wider Linux community to assist in the updating of their exams. LPI
Certification exams depend on community contributions to keep their
professional exams at the cutting edge. LPI is currently in the
process of reviewing the technical objectives on which the exams
are based. LPI would like to invite the Linux community to
contribute to these reviews.

The Objective Review is an essential part of LPI’s exam
development process. Objectives connect prospective Linux systems
administration tasks to question items on the exams. Each objective
is dependent on a particular task and determines the topic of a
specified number of test items. By keeping the tasks and objectives
current, the examinations keep up with the ever changing Linux

LPI is at the point in this exam development process where
community input would be greatly appreciated on their evolving
objectives list. LPI invites any community members to visit the LPI
Wiki site, peruse the objectives, and submit comments. This is an
simple task that does not take a lot of time. However, community
involvement is essential for on-going quality control and is an
important factor in the decision processes of the LPI exam
development team.

The LPI Wiki is at:


Anybody is welcome to visit and enter comments.

The LPI Exam Development Staff look forward to your input and
express their gratitude for those who have participated in the
process to date.