Compaq Fortran for Linux Alpha Systems now available for Beta Test!

Compaq is very pleased to announce the beta availability of its
industrial strength, highly optimized Fortran 95 compiler. This
compiler, as well as a Fortran 95 capable debugger and tuned math
library, is immediately available for test and evaluation on Linux
Alpha based systems. All interested customers are invited to
register as beta testers and download the software. To begin, go


and click on the Software link.

The Alpha optimized Fortran compiler and math libraries have
been developed in response to customer demand from the High
Performance Technical Computing (HPTC) community and will provide
the Linux technical community with tools for getting the best Alpha

Compaq is partnering with the University of New Hampshire (UNH)
to provide an innovative support approach for its Linux Alpha based
development tools. Beginning with the Beta program, UNH will be
developing a peer support environment with information and tools
available to solve customer problems.

Fortran is the first compiler available from Compaq for the
Linux Alpha platform. Other compilers (including C and C++) are
planned for the future. We look forward to your participation and

Steve Lionel (mailto:[email protected])
Fortran Engineering
Compaq Computer Corporation, Nashua NH

Compaq Fortran web site: http://www.compaq.com/fortran