Computer Currents: Corel Linux Aces the Desktop

Corel Linux won’t unseat Windows from the desktop just
yet–but it significantly closes the gap…

“You can install Corel Linux several ways–straight from CD (if
your system can boot from the CD-ROM drive), using a bootable Linux
floppy disk and then the CD, or across the network. Corel Linux can
completely replace your current OS, or it can be installed next to
Windows in a separate disk partition. In the latter setup, to shift
from one to the other, you just pick the appropriate menu item
presented when you turn on your system.”

“Every installation method I tried worked without a hiccup,
placing the OS on my system in under 30 minutes. You’re only asked
four things along the way: your user name, if you want to create a
recovery disk (in case the system crashes someday), the type of
setup, and if you want to store Corel Linux in its own partition.
You don’t fiddle with video settings or other minutiae. (You can,
how-ever, modify the partition table and other defaults.)”


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