Computer Reseller News: Linux Enlists In Government Service

“‘[Government IT staff] are already very familiar with the
advantages of Unix in a systems-management perspective,’ Love said.
‘They have made a large investment in Unix- and Posix-type
environments. One of the key advantages is that Linux comes into
that space so all of the investments they have made in managing
Unix systems can be immediately applied to Linux, and yet Linux can
be deployed in a much more economical way.'”

“Hall, a key Linux proponent, ticked off what he saw as other
advantages of the operating system. ‘One, you can get a bug fix
within hours. Two, it’s free. Three, it’s developing so fast,
faster than any operating system I’ve seen,’ he said.”

“But everything is not rosy for the operating system, said
panelist Tamar Newberger, director of server product marketing at
The Santa Cruz Operation, Santa Cruz, Calif. ‘Where [Linux] is not
yet applicable is real enterprise-level use,’ she said.”

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