ComputerUser.com: Common Sense About Windows2000

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for this link. ]

“Unix operating systems, such as Sun’s Solaris, already run the
majority of services on the Internet. … And then there are
the major fans of open-source network operating systems such as
Linux and FreeBSD. You’ll still need to invest in support costs,
but these network operating systems
are also dialed in to Web
technologies, and are fully capable of handling day-to-day
business computing at a fraction of the cost of other

“Networking and application support thrive on these platforms
because of continuous improvements by the open-source community.
Open-source technologies are still pushing into the extreme high
end of business computing. Today, they are ideal on the front end
and middle tier of corporate computing environments. And in a short
time, they will take on other network operating systems on the back

“Perhaps you are concerned with abandoning Windows desktops in
your business computing environment. A few years ago, that used to
be a legitimate concern, but it no longer needs to be. There are
other types of client platforms and devices that can provide the
same level of support. Certainly, you may need to change business
applications to adopt new platforms, but the lower cost and added
flexibility is well worth investigating.”


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