ComputerWorld: Handhelds tied to mainframes [by AvantGo Enterprise 3]

“…AvantGo Inc.’s Enterprise 3 software takes connections
between handheld computers and corporate databases another step
forward. The new release… lets Palm Computing and Windows CE
handhelds connect through a browser to a variety of mainframes.
That connection happens via an AvantGo server and the new PalmFrame
system, a service provided by AvantGo partner Attachmate Corp. in
Bellevue, Wash.”

“…the latest AvantGo version now runs on Linux and Sun
Microsystems Inc.’s Solaris Unix operating system, as well as on
Windows NT.”

“McKessonHBOC in San Francisco last week said it will deploy
Version 3 on 2,700 handheld computers used by its pharmaceutical
delivery drivers nationwide. The project, rolling out over the next
15 months, will cost several million dollars…”

“Attachmate plans to announce next week its
mainframe-to-handheld connection service, which will cost an
estimated $75,000 for setup and $200 per client.”