ComputerWorld: Iona Rolls Out Web Portal Package

“Iona Technologies Inc. plans this week to release the first two
pieces of its four-component iPortal Suite, according to Annrai
O’Toole, co-founder, executive vice president and chief technical
officer at the Dublin-based middleware company.”

“The first two iPortal Suite components — Orbix 2000 and
iPortal Application Server — will support Microsoft Corp.’s
Windows 2000, Hewlett-Packard Co.’s HP-UX, Linux and Sun
Microsystems Inc.’s Solaris
, O’Toole said.”

” ‘This is the first Iona product not destined for developers,’
he added. ‘It’s for webmasters so that they can configure the
product in terms of the type of users and what they can see, like a
traffic cop directing all the requests to the back end.’ “