ComputerWorld: Microsoft acknowledges delay of Windows 2000 release candidate

“Microsoft put a happy face Thursday on its decision to delay
the release of Release Candidate 2 (RC2) of Windows 2000,
insisting the move would not hinder the company’s efforts to
ship final code by the end of 1999.

While Microsoft continues to leave the door open for an early
2000 release for the upgrade to Windows NT 4.0, and sources say a
January RTM is a serious possibility, the issue of when it ships is
little more than a matter of pride for the software giant.

Other than some participants in Microsoft’s early deployment
program, most IT shops have no plans to adopt Windows 2000 right
off the bat anyway.”

“RC2 was due out this week, but now the release will not surface
until Sept. 15, at the earliest, sources said. Microsoft has
scheduled a ‘Developer Day’ event, which will center on Windows
2000, for that day.”

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