ComputerWorld: Sun’s Third Client Try May Be Charm

“The Sun Ray 1, unveiled last week, is a notebook-size unit that
manages a keyboard, mouse and monitor. It relies on Sun SPARC
servers running a Solaris operating environment and Sun Ray
enterprise server software for all its processing power and
applications, which saves time and money on upgrades and
maintenance. It also runs applications from Linux, Windows NT, Unix
and Java platforms. The servers are priced from $5,000…”

“Sun Ray appliances can be leased for $9.99 per month or
purchased for $499. Monitors are sold separately and usually cost
several hundred dollars.”

“James Pennington, a vice president at Charlotte, N.C.-based The
LearningStation.com, which provides applications to schools via the
Web, has also tested the Sun Ray. He said he found the cost of a
complete system to be about $700.”

For $30 per month, users can lease the appliance, plus a
Sun Enterprise workgroup server, monitor, Ethernet switch, Sun Ray
server software and Sun’s new StarOffice productivity suite (which
can be downloaded free from the Internet).