CRN: Despite the Linux hype, Windows 2000 and Solaris will be slugging it out in corporate America

“And the rise of the two operating systems likely will squash
many Unix variants, much the way Windows crushed IBM Corp.’s OS/2.
Compaq…and Corporate Software & Technology Inc….are
considering offering Linux support but no one is expecting it to
ascend to a full-fledged enterprise operating system.

“Microsoft is growing quickly in that space, but a year ago a
lot of people said NT overtaking Unix was a given. I don’t think
that’s the case anymore,” said Erich Jacobs, vice president of
strategic planning at CS&T, one of Microsoft’s large account
resellers (LARs).”

“At least one other large Microsoft Certified Solution Provider
is watching to see how Sun reacts and responds to the increased
pressure. “As for stepping up our Solaris business, it’s still too
soon to tell. We’ll know better next summer,” said Rand Morimoto,
president of Inacom Information Systems Oakland in Oakland, Calif.,
which does 55 percent of its business today in NT/Windows, 20
percent in Novell NDS and 15 percent in Solaris. “As for Solaris
for Intel, we’re not serious about that-it’s more Linux for Intel
these days. The Solaris folks are still hard-core Sun