CRN: IBM appoints Linux chief — Wladawsky-Berger tapped to head up Enterprise Systems Group

“IBM Corp. has named Irving Wladawsky-Berger vice president of a
new Enterprise Systems Group, where he will oversee the company’s
sweeping embrace of Linux….”

“We believe we’re now on the brink of another important shift in
the technology world,” Palmisano wrote in the e-mail. “The next
generation of e-business will see customers increasingly demand
open standards for interoperability across disparate
,” he wrote….”

“In addition to Wladawsky-Berger, IBM Vice President John
Patrick, who has run the Alphaworks site that provided free
software downloads of test applications and tools, also will move
from the Software Group to the Server Group. However, part of the
Alphaworks unit would remain within the Software Group at IBM, a
spokesman said.”