CRN: IBM Expands Linux Support

“IBM on Tuesday announced worldwide support for enterprise
customersrunning Linux, including free support during a 90-day
start-up period for Red Hat Software and Caldera Systems Linux
running on IBM Netfinity servers.”

“‘For the Netfinity brand, this [announcement] is a biggie
because we’ve gone from talking about Linux to doing it,’ said Tom
Figgatt, IBM’s e-business segment executive for Netfinity

“‘It means that now a customer can buy a Netfinity system, and
with the two distributions we’ll be launching — both Caldera and
Red Hat — they’ll be able to install it on Linux-certified models
and have it work,’ Figgatt said.”

“‘And if they’ve got a problem, [they can] call us up and we’ll
work with them to get it fixed,’ he said. ‘We’ll take ownership of
problems, both hardware and software, during the first 90 days of
what we call our server start-up period, and we’ll take it to
resolution all the way.'”