Datamation: Perl professionals – IT Salary Tracker

“For the third installation in our four-week series on open
source professionals (see Apache server professionals and Linux
professionals), we take a look at Perl jobs. Though it doesn’t
command the highest salaries, knowledge of the Perl scripting
language–the mortar of countless Web sites–is by far the most
sought after open source skill. Our sister site, dice.com, an
Internet-based job board for IT professionals, listed 3,365 Perl
positions in January 2000. That’s more than three times the number
of listings for Apache, Linux, and Sendmail pros added

Demand for Perl has done nothing but expand, and the
outlook for future job growth is very good. Dice.com stats show a
200% increase in Perl jobs nationwide since September 1999.

Perl pros in New York are cashing in more than other cities,
garnering an average annual salary of $84,000 and a contract wage
of $80 an hour. However, Silicon Valley has by far the greatest
number of opportunities with 1,115 job postings, almost a third of
the Perl listings nationwide. And if you’re wondering about which
job titles are especially hot, Web developers and Webmasters are
America’s most wanted Perl pros, with 793 availabilities. Software
engineers and applications programmers are sizzling, too.”