DaveNet: Windows NT setup Cruel and Unusual Punishment

[ Thanks to Bob
for this link. ]

“I have had to become a frequent customer of PC clone vendors,
and a frequent installer of Microsoft’s Windows NT operating

“It might just be my hardware karma, which has always been bad
(I’m a software guy) or it might be that the industry is incapable
of dealing with customers on a professional level, and that
Microsoft’s operating system suffers from a lack of attention to
ease of use. It’s a withering experience, as the title of this
story indicates.”

“My… larger complaint is with Microsoft. I finally figured out
that they don’t produce an operating system that a mortal human
being can set up. I have some advice for Microsoft. Every executive
should buy a machine for themselves, from one of the clone vendors,
and struggle thru the process their customers have to go thru.
They’re horribly vulnerable. Compared to this process, setting
up Linux was a breeze.
If they really want to be humbled, go
buy a Mac. Turn the mother on, click on a few control panels, and
you’re on the net.

“Where do I want to go today? I want to be able to spend $2000
and get a computer that works!”