David Weinehall: Linux Kernel pre-patch-2.0.39final

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 15:10:09 +0200 (MEST)
From: David Weinehall tao@acc.umu.se
To: Linux Kernel Developer Mailing-list linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org
Subject: [ANNOUNCEMENT] pre-patch-2.0.39final

Haha! This is final 2.0.39, whether you like it or not! Noone screamed
too loudly about pre8, so it can't be that bad. Oh, and don't bicker
and argue about the devfs files. It's not devfs itself, only headers.
They won't disturb your kernel one bit. They might simplify backporting
of drivers, though.


o       Fix the few vger.rutgers.edu            (Daniel Roesen)
        references that I missed
o       Added headerfiles for devfs             (Richard Gooch)
        to simplify backports of
o       Fix a bug involving syncronous          (Jari Ruusu)
        writes and -ENOSPC that could
        cause file-corruption

Rats! Someone _did_ come up with something terrible. The ide-stuff
wasn't compiling at all. So after putting a big brown paper-bag over my
head and poking two holes in it to be able to see, I sat down with a
fresh tree and tried to compile every damn option. The result is a
2.0.39pre8 which probably has as many warnings as before (oh, I removed
one, in xd.c) but _hopefully_ no non-compilable drivers. Notice,
however, that I only tried compiling the x86-stuff (due to lack of other

o       Make ide.c compile                      (Andries Brouwier)
o       Added new versions of PCI-2000          (Mark Ebersole)
o       Added new versions of PCI-2220i         (Mark Ebersole)
o       Fixed a few typos in PCI-2000,          (me)
        PCI-2220i, PSI-240i and related
o       Removed unused variable in xd.c         (me)
o       Small Config.in-file cleanups           (me)
o       Renamed the initfunctions in            (me)
        pi2.c and pt.c, as their names
        clashed with paride-names
        (obviously, noone uses paride
         together with hamradio)
o       Remove two unnecessary files            (me)
        I introduced in one of the
        other pre-patches
o       Changed all (?) references to           (me)
        vger.rutgers.edu to

This is the last 2.0.39 pre-patch, unless someone comes up
with something horrible. Still, I'm not impossible to convince,
should there be something one of you out the consider pressing.
Give this one a tough beating, ok? Test and enjoy!

o       Fix a bug in af_unix that wrote to      (Michael Deutschmann)
        a socket after freeing it
        (aka the Win9x-related oops)
o       Fixed typo in Documentation             (Martin Douda)

Doh! Another broken promise, I guess. As v2.0.39pre5 was broken wrt
IDE, I release this just to allow testing of the IDE-changes. The
earlier promised fixes to other problems will come in a later

o       Somewhat more complete fix for          (Wolfram Gloger)
        the bug in Paride
o       Fix the annoying build-prohibiting      (Gael Queri)
        bug in drivers/block/ide.c

While I promised this release to be the last one, at least one more
pre-patch will arrive after this one; I still have a few bugs to
investigate, among them a Win9x network-related oops and a blocksize
related fs problem. Test and scream if something bites you. Hopefully,
nothing does.

o       IDE-patches                             (Andre Hedrick)
o       Move memory-offset for dynamic          (Michael Deutschsmann)
o       Fixes to the Cyclades-driver            (Ivan Passos)
o       Fix for a bug in ext2                   (Stephen C. Tweedie)
o       Added marketing-names for 3Com          (Yann Dirson, me)
        NICs in drivers/net/Config.in
o       Added fix to smbfs                      (Rick Bressier)

Sorry to all of you for taking so long for getting this one out.
This one addresses some more things in v2.0.38 that I considered
relatively safe to change. There are several persons that have
reported the ability to resource-starve or crash the kernel by
various methods. However, most of these things would demand quite
significant changes to the memory-management to be addressed, and
I will not carry out any such. There is a reason that there are
a v2.2 kernel series and soon also a v2.4 kernel series. I hope you
all can understand this point of view.

Most of v2.0.39 seems to be ready for release. Now is
a perfectly good time to yell "Snarfel!" if you consider this
opinion of mine to be totally beyond the edges of sanity.

What I'm most curious about to know is whether the Large-disk fixes
works properly for everyone (of course, any problems with the other
fixes should be reported too...) The only thing I am considering to
adding now is Andre Hedrick's ide-patch.

o       Large-disk fixes                        (Andries Brouwer)
o       Wavelan-driver cleanup & bugfixes       (Jean Tourrilhes)
o       Security-fixes                          (Solar Designer)
o       Quota-fixes                             (Jan Kara)
o       Fixed GPF using IPsec Masquerade        (Rudolf Lippan)
o       (s)size_t-patch for fs/proc/mem.c       (me)

Of course I managed to screw up a little. 2 config-errors found within
12 hours. Because of this I decided to do a fast release only containing
fixes for those bugs and 2 other smaller changes.

o       Fixed Config.in bugs in                 (Marc Martinez)
        drivers/net and drivers/isdn
o       int to (s)size_t in fs/proc/mem.c       (Michal Jaegermann)
o       Added IPX-routing of NetBIOS packages   (Jan Rafaj)

Here's #2. This one contains a little more candy than the previous one,
even if it might not be as urgent. Some small fixes for obscure errors
has been included, together with a quite extensive updating of outdated
e-mail addresses to people in the MAINTAINERS/CREDITS-files, and some other
various stuff. I think everything here is totally unquestionable.
Oh, and apologies to Andrea _Arcangeli_ for misspelling his name in
the changelog that went out together with v2.0.39pre1.

o       Fix for a bug in paride                 (Wolfram Gloger)
o       Fix an erroneous printk in ip_fw.c      (Todd Sabin)
o       Fix for IP multicast on WAN-adapters    (Matthew Grant)
o       Big updates to MAINTAINERS              (me)
o       Big updates to CREDITS                  (me)
o       Various updates in Documentation/*      (me)
o       Styled up all Configuration-files       (me)
        in a similar manner to newer
        v2.3 kernels
o       Updated CodingStyle to the one used     (me)
        in recent v2.3 kernels
o       Backported nls_8859-14                  (me)
o       Added support for sparse superblocks    (Theodore T'so)

Ok, here's the first pre-patch for v2.0.39. This one contains no
surprises, just the patch that set the roller-coaster in motion, and some
small Documentation-updates. Expect to see a pre2 soon. Consider this a
(somewhat late) New Year's bonus. It's much more healthy than champagne,
both for you and your computer.

o       Fix for the ping -s 65468 exploit       (Andrea Arcangeli + others)
o       Small updates to MAINTAINERS            (me)
o       Small updates to CREDITS                (me)
o       Update Documentation/Changes            (me)
        to mirror the needed binutils version

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