Debian-Based siduction 2021.3 Distro Released with Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS, PipeWire

Dubbed “Wintersky,” siduction 2021.3 comes about five months after the 2021.2 update and brings some interesting changes, such as the use of PipeWire as default sound system, replacing PulseAudio and JACK, as well as the iNet Wireless Daemon (iwd) for handling Wi-Fi networks on the KDE Plasma, LXQt, and Xfce editions, replacing wpa_supplicant.

As a matter of fact, siduction 2021.3 only comes with KDE Plasma, LXQt, and Xfce editions as live media, alongside the standard Xorg (uses the Fluxbox window manager) and noX (text-mode only) editions, as the development team decided to drop support for the Cinnamon, LXDE, and MATE editions due to lack of time.