DesktopLinux.com: Interview With Gnumeric project leader Jody Goldberg

RL: Is gnumeric usable with KDE, or
just GNOME?

Goldberg: Absolutely, we’ve had several
compatibility requests mainly dealing with ‘Klipper’. Gnumeric uses
a full MVC separation, which keeps the gui aspects at arms length.
I’ve started looking into offering an xparts wrapper once
development moves to gtk-2.

RL: Is there anything else you’d like to say to
the Desktop Linux community?

Goldberg: Two thoughts . . .

First: This is not a race . There are frequently posts and
articles asking when linux will be ready for the desktop,
complaining that it is not ready for the desktop, or pontificating
that it never will be. This is nonsense. It has taken years of
development for MS and Apple to produce their frameworks. They have
more money and more beta testers (aka paying customers). Open
source development is not magic and can not instantly overtake
these projects. The desktop is an evolving target, we are getting
there quickly. There are already many users whose needs are met by
open alternatives. That number will continue to grow. That is the
beauty of open source, it can continue to improve and expand as
long as people are interested in it.”


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