DesktopLinux.com: Interview with Penguin Airlines President Chris Stevens

“DesktopLinux.com interviews Chris Stevens, President of Penguin
Airlines about his young venture’s business model that includes
using Linux in all aspects from the ground up–from desktops to the
reservations system! ‘Tux’ is more than just a name for this new
air taxi service which brings convenient, economical, time-saving
air travel via the shortest route between home and destination.
Penguin Airlines represents an emerging trend in air travel that
could command 15% of the current demand for business travel
according to published reports…

DesktopLinux.com: So just how did Penguin
Airlines get its name?

Penguin Airlines: Sometimes finding the right
name for your business is like thinking up a new userid for
someplace like Slashdot. All the good names are taken. Fortunately,
we didn’t have that much trouble. We started off unofficially using
TexasJet Direct and I liked it because we’re all very proud of our
state down here. We dropped it within a few months because it
closely resembled a local aviation company that we respect very
much. The airlines like to use majestic bird names like Eagle and
Falcon that convey a powerful animal soaring gracefully through the
air. Since one of our fundamental missions is to make private jet
travel affordable for all travelers, we needed something that most
people could relate to…”


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