DesktopLinux: Film Gimp–Lights, Camera, Linux!

“Film Gimp is a popular open source tool in feature motion
pictures. It has been used in Scooby-Doo, Harry Potter, Stuart
Little, and other films. Robin Rowe answers some questions about
the progress of Film Gimp and other projects…

Question: What’s Film Gimp?

“Film Gimp is a tool for retouching motion pictures frame by
frame. A typical application is removing dust marks after film is
digitized. Scanning the negative is the first step in
post-production, and the scans must be cleaned up to remove dust
and scratches. Film Gimp also is used to eliminate wires when
actors are being flown in wire rigs.

“A movie fundamentally is just a bunch of frames, and that’s
what Film Gimp operates on. It’s different from a video editor that
works on one large file. Each frame of a film negative is scanned
to become a single image file named with a sequential number. A
frame manager in Film Gimp helps the user walk through the images
one-by-one. The image retouching itself is about the same as using
Gimp, which Film Gimp is based upon. Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation
Program) is a popular open source alternative to Photoshop…”


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