Detailed WordPerfect 8 installation instructions

Jeffery Cann sent us
extra installation instructions for Word Perfect 8 for Linux.

After messing around with lousy installation instructions from
download.com, I just wanted to outline the steps I performed to
install Word Perfect 8.0

BTW–I have downloaded and built well over 500 MB of Linux
software in the past 3 years; this one was probably the worst
installations. I think it’s not Corel’s fault. The fiasco of
Download.com (http://www.download.com) placing the WP archives on a
WIN95 box has been the biggest part of the problem because lame
MS-DOS has problems with capitalization of filenames, especially
when FTP transfers are involved. (e.g. I can have a lowercase
filename in Win95, but it will be UPPERCASE via DOS FTP). The other
problem is the lact of explicit instructions when you download the
program as 7 archives. Note to Corel/Download.com — We in the
Linux community CAN READ, it’s merely a matter of WRITING SOMETHING

0. If you want to get the GUI set up ‘wizard’ (familiar from
WINDOZE set ups), start your X session.

1. As posted already, if you used Netscape to download, the
files are already unzipped. So, your GUI00.GZ file is _NOT_ a
ZIP/GZIP archive, its merely a tar archive.

2. Rename all the archives to lowercase and drop the .GZ
extension if Netscape already unzipped it. If you used FTP, then
you’ll probably have to unzip it first.

mv GUI00.GZ gui00
mv GUI01.GZ gui01
mv GUI02.GZ gui02

mv GUI06.GZ gui06

3. Put all these archives into the same directory. I put mine in

4. Extract only the first archive. Originally, it was GUI01.GZ.
After step 2, it is gui00. DO NOT extract the other 6 archives
because the ‘Runme’ file expects them to be in ‘tar’ format! FYI —
if you edit the Runme file, you’ll see the shell commands that look
for tar archives.

tar xvf gui00

5. run the ‘Runme’ script

./Runme -OR- sh Runme

6. You will be prompted with the following question: “Did you
unzip and untar the files you downloaded?” (y/n)

Although you have unzipped the archives, you have not untared
them. Respond with ‘y’.

7. If you are in X windows, the GUI installation program will
startup. If not, a simple shell command program will start.

8. For the path to install, I chose the same path where I copied
the 7 archives, ‘/usr/local/wp80’

9. The installation program will do the rest.

10. When you’re finished, the xwp program will be generated in
the wpbin directory. So for me, it’s located in