Developer.com: Q&A with Pat Gibney on IBM’s New Community Source Development Strategy

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for this link. ]

“I sat down for a Q&A with Pat Gibney, IBM Director,
Software Group Componentization to dig into IBM’s Community Source
development strategy. IBM has been touting the benefits of open
source and for years has been delivering solutions built on open
standards for maximum flexibility and extensibility in
heterogeneous environments. Taking that to the next level, IBM
developers are now applying a methodology borrowed from the open
source community to create its own commercial software.

“Called Community Source, this development model mimics the
collaborative style found in the open source model, with one result
being that IBM is now able to bring its commercial software to
market about 30% faster. With 100 Community Source projects
underway, this internal open source model has never been attempted
on this scale in a commercial enterprise, for as broad a product
portfolio as IBM’s…”