developerWorks: Advanced UI Design for GNOME

“SLIK (SimpLIstic sKin interface — see the Resources section
later in this article for a link) provides a great tool for
building advanced user interfaces in Linux or Unix systems. A part
of the GQmpeg toolset, it is written using the GTK toolkit, a
powerful set of widgets for graphics used by such applications as
the GIMP and other GNOME-based apps.

“By itself, SLIK will compile into a sort of ‘Hello World’
application that demonstrates skin features such as widgets, skin
editors, skin spec files, and skin browsers. The purpose of this
article is to show you an even simpler approach by providing a
modified version of the SLIK source designed to compile as a shared
object that could be used by clients. This article also provides a
minimal client that uses this shared object, thus shielding
developers from the complexity of the skin logic…”

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