developerWorks: Mastering Ajax, Part 7: Using XML in Requests and Responses

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“You really can’t do any significant programming today without
running across XML. Whether you’re a Web page designer considering
the move to XHTML, a Web programmer working with JavaScript, a
server-side programmer using deployment descriptors and data
binding, or a back-end developer investigating XML-based databases,
the extensible markup language is everywhere. It’s no surprise,
then, that XML is considered one of the core technologies that
underlies Ajax.

“However, this opinion reflects the poor choice of names for the
core object used in Ajax applications–XMLHttpRequest–more than it
does technical reality. In other words, most people think XML is a
core part of Ajax because they assume that the XMLHttpRequest
object actually uses XML all the time. But that’s not the case, and
the reasons why are the subject of the first part of this article.
In fact, you’ll see that in most Ajax applications, XML rarely
makes an appearance at all…”

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