developerWorks: Shrinking Slices: Looking at Real Time for Linux, PowerPC, and Cell

“What factors are important in real time? What resources do you
need for real-time applications? Which are the most demanding
applications? Can a general-purpose OS like Linux do real time?
developerWorks talked to Paul McKenney of IBM about his personal
history in real time, what its real needs are, where it is going,
and what IBM technologies are prepared for it.

“Paul E. McKenney is a Distinguished Engineer at the IBM Linux
Technology Center. He has worked on SMP, NUMA, and RCU algorithms
since he came to IBM in the early 1990s. Prior to that, he worked
on locking and parallel operating-system algorithms at Sequent
Computer Systems. He has also worked on packet-radio and Internet
protocols (even before the Internet became popular), system
administration, real-time systems, and business

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