DevShed: An Interview with Kevin A. Burton, the Developer of Apache JetSpeed

[ Thanks to Randy
for this link. ]

“DevShed: Tell us about JetSpeed. What is it, what will it be,
and why?”

In a nutshell Apache JetSpeed is an Open Source
Groupware/Messaging/Portal project. I guess you could think of it
as Lotus Notes meets Yahoo.

I came up with the idea of JetSpeed while at the last JavaOne.
SUN was smart enough to put workstations everywhere. The only
problem was that I was disconnected from my home workstation. I
wanted JetSpeed to be my central information store. If I had
JetSpeed I could have all my e-mail, schedule, tasks and news all
in one place in a controlled environment. Currently there are other
similar packages but they all have their downsides. None of them
work on all Operating Systems and they almost always require a huge
client application. All JetSpeed requires is Netscape or Internet
Explorer and an Internet connection.”

“DevShed: It looks like you are working on this project alone.
Are you looking for more talent to help with this project? What
kind of help do you need?”