DevShed: Getting Started with Java Servlets using Apache JServ

[ Thanks to Matt
for this link. ]

“In the quest for more dynamic content, web server technologies
have flourished. One particular solution to provide this dynamic
content is Java Servlet technology. As a replacement to the
traditional CGI script approach, servlets give developers a
powerful tool to create web enabled applications.
Not only
does the servlet solution give developers the ease of using the
Java language, it is also offers a more effecient solution in terms
of CPU power.”

“A variety of servlet engines have been implemented to take
advantage of this rapidly maturing technology. However, in the
majority of these products, the sheer price of the commercial
servlet engines puts this technology out of the hands of developers
without the cash to front for these products.”

“Enter Apache, the internet’s most popular web server. The
Apache group has already proven the ability of open source to
produce high quality, mission critical software. The Apache-Jserv
project is an open-source implementation of Suns’ servlet