DevX.com: …What does the DOJ’s ruling against Microsoft mean to developers?

[ Thanks to Nathan for this link.

“…Linux offers a clear alternative to Windows. It’s not as
robust, yet, but as one DevX member wondered in the VBPJ Talk to
The Editors forum, if Linux is free, why aren’t more people moving
to it? And if it’s so great, how come they can’t even give it

“Linux still lacks a killer development tool. For
developers, there’s still no stronger option than Microsoft’s
development tools to build solutions for Windows clients and
servers. Mind you, Microsoft’s next version of Visual Studio
promises to make a drastic improvement in Web development—and
support for open, Web-based standards.”

“Will developers who bet their livelihood and career on
Microsoft platforms find themselves on a sinking ship? I say no:
first, any remedies–penalties–enacted against Microsoft will take
years to implement. Second, the rich-client-centric world the suit
focuses on will be less significant in a few years. Third,
Microsoft’s promised support of Internet standards makes your
skills even more portable. Microsoft’s down, but not out.”