DIPC (Distributed Inter-Process Communication) Test Version 1.1b Is Now Available

Kamran Karimi wrote in linux-kernel:

This is to announce that DIPC (Distributed Inter-process
Communication) test version 1.1b is now available for downloading.
This package patches Linux kernel 2.2.1.

DIPC can be used to create clusters (multi-computers) of Linux
machines. It works by making System V IPC mechanisms (Shared
Memories, Semaphores and Messages) work over a network. DIPC
provides (among other things) Transparent Distributed Shared Memory
(TDSM). This means that processes can read and write to a shared
memory with no need for any synchronization.

The package (dipc-1.1b.tgz), which includes the sources and
documentation, can be downloaded from DIPC’s web pages at http://wallybox.cei.net/dipc or
from ftp://wallybox.cei.net/pub/dipc.

Please send any questions or problems to [email protected]