Dispatches: Hooking up the schools

[ Thanks to Harry
for this link. ]

“AOL’s offer is called AOL@SCHOOL. It’s essentially a portal
site for schools, with separate home pages for primary, elementary,
junior high and high school students as well as teachers and

“Each section offers links to outside Web sites under subject
areas like math, science and social studies. While the sites are
available without AOL’s software, the package does a nice job of
organizing them.”

“AOL@SCHOOL also comes with free e-mail and instant messaging
software. I don’t know many teachers clamoring for more ways for
their students to waste time, but kids will be pleased that these
features can replace primitive technologies like note-passing and
whispered conversation.”

“These systems would run Linux, a free, open-source operating
system, as well as Web browsers, e-mail clients and free
educational software. Since Linux systems can be finicky,
McGregor’s group is devoting much of its time to making sure the
systems are stable and as easy to use as a Mac or Windows


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