DistroWatch: Distributions, October 12, 2004

LinEspa 0.20

“A new version of LinEspa, a Spanish Debian-based Linux live CD,
has been released. Unlike the previous version based around Knoppix
and the KDE desktop, LinEspa 0.20 was built on top of a minimal
Debian Sarge system and kept light with the inclusion of XFce,
rather than KDE as the distribution’s preferred desktop


StartCom 3.0.3 MultiMedia Edition

“Based on the stability, reliability and security of its bigger
Enterprise Server brother, StartCom released today its third Linux
distribution – StartCom MultiMedia Edition. Featuring mostly modern
desktop oriented software for the home user, this release is the
direct result of a market research made with teenagers, and
promises fun and entertainment from the first hour on…”


Hancom Linux 4.0

“The long delayed Hancom Linux 4.0 is finally released. The
distribution comes in two editions – the Professional edition will
be available from 30 October directly from Hancom’s online store
for 55,000 won (approximately US$68), and the Download edition,
available now…”


LinuxTLE 5.5.91 (Test2)

“The developers of Thailand’s leading Linux distribution, the
Fedora-based LinuxTLE, are readying their next release, version 5.6
and code name “AowThai”. This is a highly cutting edge release with
the following major components: Linux kernel 2.6.8 + ipw2100,
NVIDIA and Squashfs…”