DistroWatch: Distributions, October 27, 2004

Specifix Linux 0.13 (Alpha)

“Specifix Linux 0.13 (ALPHA) is now available. The changes from
0.12 include new upstream versions of conary, conary-gui, gaim,
gamin, glib, gnome-system-monitor, gnome-terminal, gtk, hal, lftp,
rsync, run, tcpdump, and udev…”


SimplyMEPIS 2004.04

“MEPIS LLC has released SimplyMEPIS 2004.04. This latest CD adds
international support for Swedish to the previous support for
British, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Other CD
improvements include an updated GRUB bootloader for better hardware
compatibility and a more permissive ‘failsafe’ boot


Feather Linux 0.6.1

“Fixed pon and poff; updated aMSN script to 0.93; changed user
in emelfm fpkg link to root; added 1400×1050 to list of available
resolutions for certain laptops; changed user in mount.app mount
command; tweaked knoppix-autoconfig and feather-loadram.sh; added
openvpn – a tool to access VPNs…”


Co-CreateLinux 2005

“A new version of Co-CreateLinux (formerly known as OpenDesktop)
is now available for download. Co-CreateLinux is a Chinese desktop
Linux distribution based on Fedora Core and strongly resembling
Windows XP…”


ZoneCD 0.5

“Recompiled the kernel (2.4.20) to support bandwidth shaping,
PPTP, and IPsec. A new section for bandwidth management in Zone
control that will be visible when you select ZoneCD version 0.5-1.
Pump is no longer used to get an IP for eth0, dhclient is now used
to obtain an IP for eth0…”


Damn Small Linux 0.8.3

“New for 0.8.3: new control panel GUI; new Xvesa video setup
GUI; new smbclient GUI; improved mydsl GUI now groups applications
according to category; new autorestore of backup files, with boot
time ‘norestore’ override; updated prism2 to support autodetected
USB ethernet card…”