DistroWatch: Distributions, October 28, 2004

LinuxTLE 5.5.92 (Beta)

“The developers of Thailand’s LinuxTLE have announced a new beta
release of LinuxTLE – version 5.5.92, code name ‘AowThai.’ The
release features Linux kernel 2.6.9 with ipw2100, ipw2200, NVIDIA,
squashfs and preem; glibc 2.3.3 with NPTL, GCC 3.4.2, X.Org 6.8.1,
GNOME 2.8.1, KDE 3.3.1, OpenOfficeTLE 1.1.2, Firefox 0.10.1 and
many other up-to-date packages…”


Ubuntu Warty Live CD

“Ubuntu 4.10–Warty Warthog–released on October 20th and has
gotten great feedback so far. The Ubuntu Team is now pleased to
announce that the companion Warty Live CD is released as well! The
Live CD contains a snapshot of everything in the Ubuntu 4.10 but in
a bootable trial form…”


Source Mage GNU/Linux 0.9.3

“A new ISO has been released and for the first time, it’s
available on x86 and PPC at the same time. It has been built
entirely with scripts using the stable sorcery and stable grimoire.
Boot loader (lilo/grub/yaboot) configuration has been rewritten
from scratch and has been tested with or without a separate /boot
partition. Both ISOs use the kernel…”