DistroWatch: Distributions, September 19, 2004

Specifix Linux 0.9 (Alpha)

“Yes, that’s right, two ISO releases in one week. The major new
addition in this release is GNOME 2.8. Also included for the first
time are: dejagnu, expect, foomatic, jadetex, and net-snmp…”


Lormalinux 5 Beta 2 (AMD64)

“Beta 2 of Lormalinux 5 for AMD64 is now available. Here are the
major changes from beta 1: included Synaptic; added apt – a console
version of Synaptic; included Mozilla Thunderbird mail client;
included MPlayer to play your favorite movies…”


UserLinux Desktop Live CD 0.2

“A Userlinux desktop live CD is available. This allows you to
test and demo the system on any i386 PC without touching a hard
disk. This system is somewhat lower performance than the hard disk
version, simply because of the seek and access speed of a CD vs. a
hard disk, and the fact that the filesystem is a RAM disk…”


CCux Linux

“CCux Linux installer now supports the ReiserFS file system for
installation; some new packages including kbarcode and foobilliard;
existing packages got updated (like K3B 0.11.16)…”


Vector Linux 4.3

“The Vector Linux team is proud to announce the release of
Vector Linux 4.3. This small 326MB download provides you a complete
and fast desktop solution, even suitable for older hardware. It
features Kernel 2.6.7, support for ext2/3 and ReiserFS file
systems, and XFce 4.0.6, Fluxbox and IceWM as window


Hiweed Desktop 0.55 Beta 1

“This is a special version for the national day of China. The
newest Debian installer is now used, the Linux kernel was upgraded
from 2.4.26 to 2.6.8, and the Debian Sarge branch is used instead
of Sid. SCIM was upgraded to 1.0 stable…”


Feather Linux 0.5.9

“Changes from 0.5.8 to 0.5.9: added wmapm again; now both APM
and ACPI dockapps are included; added reiserfsck; made dnsmasq.conf
writable; reverted USB boot to previous settings – users whose
systems cannot boot Feather will need minirt24.g…”


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