DistroWatch: Distributions, September 27, 2004

Guadalinex 2004 Candidata 6

“The sixth release candidate of Guadalinex 2004 is now available
for download and testing. The release is fast approaching its final
state as the number of reported bugs declined to almost zero. Most
of the changes in Candidata 6 are largely cosmetic, with improved
overall look and feel…”


Puppy Linux 0.9.4

“The big news for this release is the shsql SQL database backend
with Quisp CGI program for use with a web server. Puppy currently
has the nullhttpd web server. Quisp is setup and ready to go in
Puppy, and example databases with mini-tutorials can be run
directly from the ‘Information managers/Quisp network SQL database’


OnebaseGo 2.2

“The Onebase Linux Project is pleased to announce a new version
of OnebaseGo portable OS (2.2) with updated software that includes
Xorg 6.8.1, Gaim 1.0, KDE 3.3.0 desktop suite, KOffice 1.3.2, GNOME
2.6.1, Fluxbox…”


Turkix 1.9

“In this beta version, you can test the new features that will
come up with Turkix 2.0: rpmx (a re-hack of rpm), Turkix Control
Panel (synthesis of KDE control center, Mandrake control center and
3rd party configuration tools), new file hierarchy (everything
under /all), graphical installation wizard…”


Hiweed Desktop 0.55

“After three quick beta releases, Hiweed Desktop 0.55 is out.
Changes since version 0.3: the default kernel is now 2.6.8, but
kernel 2.4.27 is also provided for hardware compatibility reasons;
synchronised with the Debian Sarge branch; added a new control
centre – hiweedconf…”


Lormalinux 5 LTSP Server

“Lormalinux starts its line of server editions with its
Lormalinux 5 LTSP Server. Lormalinux LTSP Server Edition combines
the optimization, customization and features of Lormalinux 5
Workstation for low-powered thin client terminals ideal for
classroom environment…”


Berry Linux 0.48

“Berry Linux 0.48, based on Fedora Core 2 and Knoppix 3.6.
Updates: kudzu 1.1.90, hwdata 0.132, X.Org 6.8.1, Fluxbox 0.9.10
(Fedora Core 2), K3B 0.11.16, Mozilla 1.7.3 (Fedora Core 2,
English), Firefox 1.0PR (English). Removed: Tgif 4.1.43…”


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