Do Devs Need Custom Linux Laptops? Dell Thinks So

George credits Stephen O’Grady, principal analyst and co-founder of RedMonk, for giving him the idea to build an Ubuntu-based laptop. He initially doubted that the idea would fly at Dell (he couldn’t come up with big sales predictions for such a targeted device), but it happened that Michel Coté, O’Grady’s former colleague at RedMonk, now director of cloud strategy at Dell, was involved with an intra-company incubation fund. George pitched him the idea, and they were off and running.

Dell worked closely with Canonical, the chief commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, on the project. Canonical added the idea of connecting the laptop to the cloud, so that users could develop on LXC containers, replicate the environment on the actual client, and then jettison it to the cloud via the JuJu service deployment and orchestration framework. (Ubuntu’s LXC is a userspace tool that controls the kernel namespaces and c-group features to create system or application containers.)