Does Every Developer Deserve a Mental Health Day?

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“”I’m taking a much deserved mental health day

“This matter-of-fact announcement came from Joni, one of my
slightly buzzed developer teammates, as we enjoyed a Thursday happy
hour around a crowded table, drinking beer and eating munchies.
Having just graduated and barely settled into my first job, it was
no surprise I’d never heard the phrase “mental health day.”

“In my head I pictured her going to visit some kind of therapist
because the job is stressing her out. I’d heard the term “going
mental” before and that wasn’t a pretty picture. So maybe she was
about to burst from all the looming deadlines.

“Being the green guy at the table, I naively asked, “Are you
going to see some kind of doctor?””

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