Don’t write off Nokia and Qt yet

[ Thanks to Amy
for this link. ]

“Even though I understood that this was not going to be some
sort of fork, and that Nokia said they were committed to Qt
development, I could not understand how or why Nokia would continue
to remain involved in Qt development for the long-term. Commercial
revenue from Qt would presumably be shared with Digia now (and
therefore decreased), and Symbian and MeeGo’s (the two Nokia
platforms that use the Qt libraries) respective prominence in Nokia
is also expected to decrease, as the prominence of Windows Mobile 7
devices rises.

“But my conclusions–cynical as they were–may have been hasty,
according to Aaron Seigo.

“Seigo, a long-time developer in the KDE community, works for
Nokia on Qt, and reached out to me last week after I posted my
initial take on the Nokia/Digia deal and politely told me I was
completely wrong.”

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