Dr. Dobb’s Journal: Linux/390 in the Spotlight at SHARE 94

[ Thanks to Neale Ferguson for this
link. ]

“…the most popular attractions this year, inevitably
filling meeting rooms to overflowing, were the sessions about Linux
on the S/390. The air was electric with excitement about this
revolution from below, which has drawn the world’s largest
intellectual property holding company, IBM, into communion with the
open source community.

“One indicator of the internal schism is that while IBM is
trumpeting their open source Linux/390 work, one of the
participants in the project is being menaced with disciplinary
action for his unsanctioned but seminal role in the project,
despite the fact that he did the work on his own time. There is
every possibility that Linux/390 would never have been shown
outside IBM had that organization not been goaded by the alternate
certainty of an entirely non-IBM Linux port.”

“VM evolved to suit the needs of the “real programmers,” many of
whom are as passionate about VM as today’s young whippersnappers
are about Java. While these enthusiasts know that for technical
reasons VM will never depart the glass house, many worry that VM is
generally receding from the landscape as a user operating system.
They believe that the ability of individual users to run shared
instances, personal instances, and application-specific instances
of Linux/390 under VM will breathe new life into the old