Drupal: From a Drop in the Ocean to a Big Fish in the CMS World

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“Drupal started out as a college experiment.

“In 2000, permanent Internet connections were at a premium for
University of Antwerp students, so Dries Buytaert set up a wireless
bridge between student dorms to share an ADSL modem connection
among eight students. This led Buytaert to work on a small news
site with a built-in Web board, allowing the group of friends to
leave each other notes and messages. While looking for a suitable
domain name for his Web board, Buytaert settled for ‘drop.org’
after he made a typo to see if the name ‘dorp.org’ was still
available. Dorp is the Dutch word for ‘village,’ which was
considered a fitting name for the small community. The message
board, which got its name via a typo evolved in to an open source
project called Drupal in 2001. Drupal is derived from the Dutch
word ‘druppel,’ which means ‘drop’ as in a water droplet…”

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