Duke of URL: Helix Code GNOME 1.2 [Review]

[ Thanks to Patrick
for this link. ]

“You have the admit it, desktop environments are sure moving
these days. Take a look at both KDE and GNOME, two of the biggest
desktop environments for *NIX. KDE has always been a fine
interface, but as of late its libraries have moved to GPL, which
has made many happy, but of course, people still have their gripes
about KDE. Where’s the negativity coming from?”

For everyone else, there’s GNOME. While there are other
desktop environments out there, GNOME is one of the biggest (along
with KDE) undergoing development. As of late, GNOME is even looking
more like a Microsoft OS. Don’t take that the wrong way
though. Not a Microsoft OS in the constricting, unstable, or
expensive manner, but more a Microsoft operating system in the
sense that it gives you all the tools you’d ever need for your
computing experience.”

“Currently, GNOME has AbiWord (which should be replaced by
StarOffice soon), which is an equivalent to Microsoft Word,
Gnumeric as an eqivilent to Microsoft Excel, Evolution as a piece
of groupware much like Outlook, and Mozilla (along with Nautilus)
as an alternative to the infamous Internet Explorer.”

“What will this full office suite cost you? Absolutely nothing!
That’s the beauty of it. Of course, Microsoft can offer you
support, but so can GNOME-we’ll get to that later.”